Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Blog

Now that we have a web page for Lombard Design, the next step is to create a blog for the business. I've mentioned on one of my other blogs that I need to reduce the number of blogs that I'm producing and link them so that instead of a dozen blogs I have only one with a category list, which will be much more manageable.

So I'm not going to get carried away here today but rather just post this as the first 'setting up' blog as it were. I really don't like many of the other blog applications out there and am quite happy with so I'll be keeping my blogging here and simply create a link to it from the main LD web page.

I really want to try and engage the reader so I'll be looking for a bit of feedback on the blog site, I'll make subscription much easier to encourage this. I'll make a point of posting some photoshop tips as well, possibly set a day each week whereby I'll share something from the many tutorials I take. It will be something that is not very obvious and so could be helpful to those who are interested.

Capturing inspiration till next time.

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