Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blending Modes

Well I have been having a tremendous amount of fun as I learn and practice these blending modes in Photoshop. Seriously I never realised just how powerful this application is. It has taken over 6 months and 36 short courses to get to this stage. I've got to hand it to 'Lynda.com' their courses are great at explaining what the different elements are and how to use them.

Then of course there is 'Youtube' and my family and friends for the inspiration. I'm starting to build a little confidence as I explore some of the possibilities of texture and colour blends for backgrounds. Composition with different masking options and the most difficult for me was learning the clipping mask switches .... not that I am any more than a novice.

Thanks to my Bonnie Ronnie for providing her services as my model for this latest creation and although she absolutely hates pictures of herself in school uniform she did allow one but it had to be blended just right to hide the detail that she dislikes.... sometimes it is very hard to please this lovely lady of mine:)

Simply titled 'Veronica".

Till next time, God Bless

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