Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Different Techniques

Ronnie and I are starting to develop a fairly good workflow which is helping us to process and grade or rate our best work, sorting the chafe so to speak. When we go on a shoot we tend to take an overabundance of photographs and it can take quite some time to filter them whilst looking for that ever elusive perfect shot. This week we have been practicing our new workflow and it seems to be quite effective.

In addition to the workflow I have been trying a few new or rather different techniques to not just take good photographs but to make good photographs as well. As with everything the quality of the new work is a bit rough and of course there will be those who hate it. Now there are a million programs out there to create fancy special effects with little or no effort so that would of course be too easy so what I'm learning is how to make the tools that go into making those special effects so that I can be a little different and make my own mark in the end.

For now I'll post my latest piece and I will say before posting it that the photo's are not great since I had no sooner setup my camera and was in the process of taking a couple of test shots to check lighting etc. when my subjects decided to call it a day, consequently this is made up of those test shots.

"Electric Para-Surfing" - Hope you like it.

Till next time, God Bless!

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