Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sports Photography

Yesterday my Bonnie Ronnie and I decided to go for a drive up the coast and look for a few likely photography spots and we would stop in and have lunch with a friend in the Noosa area. What we didn't realise was that the Noosa Festival was on so that pretty much wiped out that plan as we arrived way too late to find parking anywhere.

However, on our way up the coast we did stop at a number of locations and we will revisit a few of them when lighting is more favourable. Instead we found some parasurfers in Caloundra and decided to take a few pictures of them, not having done much in the way of sports photography for a while and having left our 4-5.6/70-400 SSM Lens at home the shots were never going to be great but they aren't bad.

Here is a sample and others can be found on our Facebook Art page. They were all shot using the Sony a65 with 3.5-6.3/18-250 Sony Lens. 

The plan had been to have lunch in Noosa and visit a few of the local photography hot spots, pop into Peter Lik's gallery at the same time. Lorraine (our friend) told us how she would take relatives on holiday into Peter's gallery where they could purchase prints for a couple of hundred dollars but the last time she went in one could only order via catalog and the photograph her relative selected was priced at $200K. Interesting to note that Peter Lik is now considered to be one of the worlds best photographers and is completely self taught. Just goes to show that a great photographer can take and make good photography with ordinary equipment but with great equipment a great photographer creates awesome photography.

We had a wonderful day and spent the whole afternoon catching up with Lorraine whom we had lost contact with for over 20 years. We got so carried away that it wasn't until the lights had to be turned on that we realised that the day was over.

Till next time.

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