Monday, May 27, 2013


Bonnie Ronnie and I have been testing a few lenses on our camera's and decided it was about time we did a few photo's of our beautiful Brisbane City. We left things a bit late but arrived in time to capture a sunset picture while setting up our gear on the top of the Kangaroo Point Cliff. We had a ball trying out 2 crop frame camera's - both Sony, a55 and a65 with an 18-55 SAM lens.

Sony are notorious for poor performance in low light and I really wanted to see just how far we could push them with rule 16 settings but at night. So we kept the ISO at 100, f16 and then used a cable release as we pushed both cameras to photograph within 30 seconds just didn't want to go to bulb for now.

I thought we would try for a panorama or two and must say that both camera's performed better than expected with the a65 speed averaging 20 seconds and the a55 averaging 25 seconds. I've posted the results to my Facebook page so have a look, comment, share, like the page and tell your friends.

I thought I might give this HDR stuff a go while we were at it. A real touchy subject with some photographers including those who use photoshop. I'm not about to get into a debate over it, each to their own I say. I'm not a professional photographer, in fact I'm not a professional anything anymore - I'm strictly an amateur artist with a little talent and will experiment with anything and everything to produce stuff which is pleasing to the senses, currently I'm into photography as it was a medium of interest in my youth and I need to catch up enough to be able to incorporate good photography into my art... operative word being good :)

So I've done one HDR sequence and here is the result - oh I used Photoshop CS6 to produce this.

HDR with no further editing - not bad.

HDR with one filter added just to lighten and extract some definition.

Don't particularly like the look of the cloud but definately worth exploring further.... watch this spot :)

Till next time, capturing inspiration.

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