Thursday, June 20, 2013

DoF or Focal Length

Today the weather isn't so great and my body is complaining a bit after the sudden drop in temperature so I thought that if I'm going to stay indoors, I want to do something a bit fun, like practice a bit with a DT 2.8/30 Macro Lens from Sony, well it was either this or spend time cleaning my workshop/garage and I simply wasn't in the mood for that.

I was looking at the chess pieces on the board in my lounge and thought, what a great subject for a little macro photography and I could test this lens in a variety of aspects. So I had a great day even though truth be told I am a little disappointed at the lens's mid range which appears to be allowing a little chromatic aberration to effect the image background but then it is a macro lens after all.

I used Lightroom 4's 'Lens Correction' and 'Tone Curve' to correct the chromatic aberration and give the images a little punch.

A distance shot at a distance of about 10feet focused on the near side corner of the board.
I decided that for these shot's I would keep the camera settings at ISO100 f2.8 1/250 and only vary the distance from the subject while shooting in Manual mode.

Approximately 5 feet distance with focus in the centre of the board.

Approximately 2.5 feet distance with focus on the captured pieces.

Distance about 1.5 feet with focus on the White's nearside Rook.
Distance about 7 inches with focus on Black's Bishop.

I estimate that DoF is roughly 30% of distance so overall a pleasant stress free day.

So I guess I'd better get into that workshop tomorrow and get it cleaned up after leaving sawdust everywhere after my canvas frames project.

Till next time, I'll be 'Capturing Inspiration'.

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