Sunday, June 23, 2013


My wife Veronica "Ronnie" is a very talented and gifted artist who loves painting and photography, she is able to express herself through her painting and she has a wonderful eye for photography.

Back in the days of film we both started with 'Box Brownie's' (thankfully the digital age has arrived) when you had 12, 24 or 36 shots per reel this was an expensive pastime and there were a limited number of people interested in the hobby or profession. Ronnie would always be out there with our trusty Pentax clicking away, and she became pretty good with the camera. One thing that was handy for Ronnie was the processing of film, whilst it did cost, someone else took care of the finished product although at times the suspense while waiting could be quite frustrating. 

Fortunately she has me to take care of the post processing today but she is starting to get a bit of a handle on Lightroom and wants to start exhibiting some of her work. Whilst all of her work has been copyrighted and watermarked she hasn't found a logo or signature that works for her till now. Ronnie was a great help to me in finding my own personal logo which I wanted to keep very simple but colourful. We eventually settled on the colours of our heraldic coat of arms Red Gold and Black (interestingly RGB, because this is the acronym for the digital display pallet Red Green and Black). As for the strokes, my initials are PSL so we figured that we could incorporate both the 'S' and the 'L' in the style of the letter 'L' in black, which is the most dominant colour in our coat of arms. Next we would use a splash of red in a semicircular motion to represent the head of the 'P'. 

Ronnie has decided that this simple two strokes in different colours is the way to go and we are a team so we would keep the same 'L' but replace the  semicircular stroke representing the head of the 'P' with a red stroke representing the 'V' in her name. 

So please keep your eye out for this logo, and support it wherever you can for my Bonnie Ronnie. A little recognition goes a long way in this ever changing fast paced world.

As for the word 'Art' in gold we thought that we would leave it out for now. At some point in the future Ronnie may want her own 'Art' page or web site but we will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Till next time, "Capturing Inspiration".

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