Saturday, March 22, 2014

Camera Club

I apologise for being rather quiet for so long - a number of our family members and a couple of close friends have been going through some rough health issues and this has taken it's toll on our time and our spirits. We feel as though we have crossed the hump with most of these issues and although far from over we do need to take a little time to put life back in perspective.

Several months ago I joined a local camera club so that I could socialise with like minded people and to learn the fine art of photography from those who have been practising this form of art for a time. I have to say that this is definitely one of my smarter choices. The club meets once a week on a Friday evening generally there are two competition nights per month, one for Prints and one for PDI (Projected Digital Imagery). There is also a beginners night and a program night each month both excellent and I have to say that whilst I have been an amateur photographer for 50 years I have learned from some exceptionally useful beginners tips, particularly in relation to lens care.

Once a month the club organises outings which allow access at affordable prices to area's that would be considered off limits or too costly for the average amateur photog. I have only been on one of these outings to date but it was wonderful to spend time with my peers, everyone looking out for each other, comparing notes and assisting the general public who took an interest in our antics.

We have a few up and coming young photographers who have particularly outstanding imagery and it was such a pleasure to be invited to take a particular photograph with specific settings for an upcoming competition. The young lady's camera had an AP-C sensor while mine is full frame allowing me to use shutter speeds well in excess of hers but still she shared her exquisite find with me. I mention this not because this is exceptional behaviour for a young photographer but rather because this is the norm within the photographic and art community in general and exceptional behaviour for today's youth in general.

There are four sections of competition into which one may enter images; Monochrome Prints MP, Colour Prints CP, Mono or Colour Creative-Altered Reality Prints ARC,  Projected Digital Images PDI. I have decided to hold off on the prints for the time being primarily due to the cost (not that they are excessively expensive) until such time that I feel I'm ready to enter images on this medium. I have however entered the maximum quota for all the other sections of what I consider to be my best imagery for the second time (None were accepted on my first attempt as my set topic was incorrect, how embarrassing was that. On the bright side the non-acceptance was not recorded :). So now that I have decided to go with "Open" topic rather than "Set" I should have no embarrassing issues but hey this is me we are talking about, so watch this space.

All the joking aside, I would recommend joining a club to anyone who has an interest, regardless of of the activity because you will meet great folk who have a similar interest and we all learn from one another no matter age, culture or political persuasion. Life is short, find your passion and pursue it to your hearts content.

Tomorrow is my second outing with the club and I'll be sure to blog about that soon. Till next time, take care out there and stay safe.

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