Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brand development

Now that the Christmas holiday craziness is over for another year I can get back on track, I hope - What's that old saying, the best laid plans of mice and men.....

Okay so this is the plan, I want to create a video clip for a 30 second brand intro, more or less. Surprise, surprise, I've used the face of a lens as the background image for our 'P V Media Productions' brand. The scene starts with an orbiting earth which will morph into the lens face as the brand information begins to appear from a comet which morphs into the text as film strips. All of this unfolding in 3D giving the viewer the sense that they are witnessing the birth of a unique phenomenon. I've always wanted to do a little motion graphics the only fly in the ointment is that I have to learn how to use Ae (Adobe After Effects), so this could take a while but it will be done.

First step is to get all the text just the way I want it so I used Ai to create a film strip and I didn't want black or blue as the colour, too traditional so I opted for hot pink gradating to black. Next I needed to create a path to affix theses film-strips to, so I used 'Edwardian Script ITC' font for the wording 'P V Media'. BTW 'P V' are simply mine and my wife (Bonnie Ronnie is my nickname for her) Veronica's initials.

Once I had modified the path to present the film strips just the way I wanted them, I set about attaching them to the path and positioning them just right so that they flowed with the curves of the font, I then hid all layers except the group of 16 film strips.

I needed a background graphic, something simple that could be stylised in the future and it needed to be a strong association image. A camera is a little too complex and would date quickly, also the type of camera could limit association, as would a clapper-board. I thought yes a lens is a lot more associative depending on perspective so front on it would be! I photographed one of my lenses and modified it in photoshop altering the description from the original to LENS 10-1000mm 1:16-22 which is really quite meaningless but gives the illusion of a powerful lens for a powerful camera of whatever type.

The rest of the 'Brand' compilation was relatively easy, a little messing around with placement for sign production, business cards, stationary etc. Lastly I wanted to put this all on a colour background but not a standard flat colour - too boring! Gradated colours are nice, especially pastel shades so I started mucking about with a simple two colour gradation on a single layer in photoshop until I saw something I liked - simple is always best. This is the end result for all printed branding, the red border is simply my crop line.
Next step is to learn how to make a rotating earth with all the elements in Ae, stay tuned for more.

Till next time, God Bless.

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